April 05, 2012

Car Accident Claims and How Much Compensation for Whiplash You Are Eligible to Get

You need to be aware that whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained during a road accident. Different passengers and drivers can lose their wages because of this kind of injury sustained in an auto crash, when they are not at fault. In this case, it is their legal right to file a car accident claim to see how much compensation for whiplash they can get at the end. In fact, whiplash is a soft tissue injury that usually occurs in the neck, when the head is jolted forwards, causing a sudden extension of the muscles. The neck pain, which is sustained as a result of whiplash, can be present right after an auto crash, or it can start several days afterwards.

Neck Injuries and Causes of Whiplash

A car accident claim can be made for all the neck injuries that are sustained as a result of an auto accident. Although the body is restrained by your seatbelt during such a crash, your head is not. Besides, whiplash is caused by an unexpected and sudden movement of the neck that occurs due to the impact of another car. There are other common causes of whiplash, which can include long-term damage of the neck and strong blows to the head. Some individuals are able to make a fast recovery, but for others, the effect can be long lasting.

How to Get Your Compensation

What’s more, widespread symptoms of whiplash can include headaches, pain in your shoulders, neck, arms and dizziness. At times, they can include the memory loss, tinnitus, low concentration and depression. That’s why it is necessary to visit a doctor, if you feel that you may have whiplash, so that he or she can recommend you the right treatment. It is essential to get the independent legal advice to see whether you are really eligible to make a car accident claim and how much compensation for whiplash you will get. This way, your claim can be properly valued.

Different insurers prefer to contact claimants directly to make a very early offer to settle such claims. However, you should be sure to insist on getting the legal advice before agreeing to any kind of settlement. A car accident claim can assist you in getting the appropriate compensation. It is crucial for you to feel comfortable with such a process, and you need to deal with a trustworthy lawyer, who understands how much compensation for whiplash you are eligible to get.

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